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Together, we offer passengers fuss-free door-to-door travel

Our mission

Joint partnerships

Suppliers play a key role in achieving the mission of NS. An NS everybody can be proud of. Offering pleasant door-to-door travel. Based on modern trains, intelligent concepts and a keen eye for sustainability. NS Procurement, the central purchasing department, matches your concept, service or product to the needs of our business. As a result, we offer passengers fuss-free travel from door-to-door and contribute to sustainable mobility in the Netherlands.

The foundation stones of NS procurement policy

Clear agreements

We are determined to make the Netherlands proud of NS. To achieve this, we need to be able to rely on excellent suppliers. Clear agreements are indispensable to good collaboration between both parties. We base our agreements with suppliers on the following frameworks and guidelines.

Collaborating with NS


Our suppliers are strategic partners that play an essential role in making our services and products more sustainable. Consequently, we actively welcome collaboration and challenge suppliers to propose innovative and sustainable solutions.

Sustainable procurement

Our expectations

What does becoming a supplier to NS involve and what is subsequently expected of my company?

Criteria for suppliers