Payments to suppliers

Good agreements relating to payment are obviously part of a well set-up procurement process. We constantly look for ways of improving our supplier payment process.

Which is why we only use digital invoicing; a fast and reliable way of sending invoices, which generates cost savings for both NS and our suppliers. Various options are possible depending on the invoice volume and the ability to integrate with your software.

  • Suppliers which send fewer than 100 invoices per year to NS are advised to invoice in PDF format;
  • If a supplier sends more than 100 invoices per year to NS, V-printing can be used to manage this process. This is a method for sending invoices to Basware;
  • Suppliers who send more than 250 invoices per year can use E-invoice in Basware;
  • Finally, the invoices can also be sent via the Ariba Network. The Ariba Network is ideal for suppliers who also wish to offer e-ordering. For example, to allow NS employees to order products from an electronic catalogue.

We advise you to talk to your designated contact or NS Procurement Support to identify the most suitable solution.