Together, we offer passengers fuss-free door-to-door travel

The goal of NS is to give passengers control of their public transport travel from door to door. This is our contribution to affordable and sustainable mobility in the Netherlands. But we cannot do this on our own.

NS maintains close contact with its suppliers on a daily basis. They help us to achieve our goals. With their support, we succeed in transporting a daily volume of 1.2 million passengers to their chosen destination, both on time and in complete safety. Suppliers help us provide the quality and service required to improve sustainability and innovate.

Sustainable relationships

We collaborate with our suppliers in long-term relationships that deliver tangible business success for both partners. We can improve our services further and offer the right services to our passengers by building on these relationships. So that all the parties benefit from the collaboration.

Two-way relationship

We work with the best suppliers in all categories of our supply chain. Our collaborative values are based on objectivity, transparency, non-discrimination and proportionality. Read more about the criteria for suppliers.

Collaboration is always a two-way relationship. In exchange for this, we expect the highest standards of our suppliers. We believe in challenging, transparent relationships that generate adequate returns for both parties and welcome collaboration with suppliers that share this vision.


The market is subject to constant change and we are determined to make the Netherlands proud of NS. To achieve that, we rely on excellent suppliers.

Let us work together.